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Expand access to treatment and Recovery supports.

Increase linkages and coverage of treatment.

  • Increase the number of people who receive substance use disorder treatment and recovery supports.

  • Develop model inpatient, emergency department and discharge policies for people with substance use disorder.

  • Increase the number of community-based recovery supports, including community-based recovery supports that are inclusive of medication-assisted treatment.

Therapy Session

Address the needs of justice-involved populations.


Increase pre-arrest diversion of low-level offenders.

  • Increase the number of people who receive substance use disorder treatment and recovery supports.


Provide prevention education and medication-assisted treatment during incarceration and upon release.

  • Screen for substance use disorders and connect to prevention education and treatment during incarceration or upon release.


Expand supports for people after release.

  • Train community corrections and Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities offices on substance use disorders and connecting to naloxone, harm reduction resources and treatment.

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