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Our Purpose

We issue a quarterly newsletter with the goal of educating, informing and engaging the residents of Dare County on substance use disorders. Each issue features information on a special topic, advocacy efforts, and community events and partners. All copies of the Initiative are available for download below. 

Archived Newsletters

Winter 2024

Volume 7 Issue 1

Learn more about opioids, fentanyl and probation.

Fall 2023

Volume 7 Issue 4

This issue provides information on legal issues and substance use.

Summer 2023

Volume 7 Issue 3

Learn more about the dangers of fentaynl and Dare County's response.

Spring 2023

Volume 7 Issue 2

Learn more about xylazine, celebrate recovery, and recovery court's graduation.

Winter 2023

Volume 7 Issue 1

This issue provides information on the Sheriff's office and Good Samaritan Law

Fall 2022

Volume 6 Issue 4

This issue continues the discussion of addiction as a universal struggle and provides information on upcoming events.

Summer 2022

Volume 6 Issue 3

This issue covers addiction as a universal struggle and updates on Dare Challenge.

Spring 2022

Volume 6 Issue 2

This issue takes a closer look at teenage addiction.

Winter 2022

Volume 6 Issue 1

This issue breaks down a Pastors perspective on substance abuse.

Fall 2021

Volume 5 Issue 4

Learn more about stigma and addiction

Summer 2021

Volume 5 Issue 3

This issue focuses on marijuana decriminalization and impacts on the brain.

Spring 2021

Volume 5 Issue 2

Learn more about resilience and recovery.

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