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Filling Out Prescriptions

Reduce the supply of substances.

Increase the use of opioid-sparing pain treatment.

  • Continue to develop provider training on multi-modal evidence-based pain treatment for different populations including the elderly and people with substance use disorders.


Reduce the supply of substances.

  • Provide tools to the community about safe storage and disposal of opioids.

  • Conduct trafficking investigation and enforcement to curb the flow of diverted prescription drugs and illicit drugs.

Avert future addiction by supporting youth and families.

Reduce youth misuse of substances.

  • Continue youth/parent-oriented programs aimed at reducing substance.

  • Identify and disseminate curriculum to address mental heath needs including emotional modulation and resiliency.


Prevent trauma, including ACEs, and increase resiliency to trauma.

  • Prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences and increase resiliency to trauma.

  • Work with families with children in foster care or at-risk of having children placed out of the home.


Improve prenatal, maternal and infant care for women with substance use disorders.

  • Train providers who work with pregnant women on substance use disorder treatment, eliminating stigma, and implementing plans of safe care.

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